Tolling & Access

Tolling and the Mobility Authority

SH 45SW will be a tolled facility. State and federal fuel taxes are the primary funding source for roads and bridges in Texas. However, this funding source has remained static since 1991 even though fuel costs have tripled. Because this is an incremental revenue source, decreases in consumer demand due to people driving less and/or driving more fuel efficient vehicles, will also affect revenue generation through the fuel tax. When you factor in the state’s significant population growth and demand on the roadway infrastructure, funding has not kept up with demand, and mobility is likely to continue to get worse. Because of this, innovative financing options are considered viable solutions to funding new projects.

 The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is an independent government agency created in 2002 to improve the transportation system in Williamson and Travis counties. Our mission is to implement innovative, multi-modal transportation solutions that reduce congestion and create transportation choices that enhance quality of life and economic vitality.

Toll Rates and Enforcement

The Mobility Authority will set the toll rate when the project is closer to opening. Currently it is anticipated to be around $1.00 for the full length of the project. SH 45SW will feature all-electronic tolling; drivers will not see any booths. Drivers will be able to pay their tolls without stopping using:

  • TxTag
  • TollTag
  • EZ-Tag
  • Pay by Mail (toll bill is mailed to address on registration)

The initial toll rate is based on the cost of the project, financing terms, traffic demand and yearly operations and maintenance costs. Toll rates are reevaluated each year and can be increased to match inflation.

SH 45SW Access

SH 45SW is a limited-access tollway. Entrances and exits to the facility will be provided from the following locations:

  • FM 1626
  • Bliss Spillar Road
  • MoPac
  • SH 45, west of MoPac

SH 45SW and Trucks

With the exception of trucks carrying hazardous materials, large trucks will be permitted to use the roadway. SH 45SW is not expected to carry a significant amount of truck traffic based on the low volume of truck traffic that currently utilizes SH 45 and the southern portion of MoPac.


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