Tolling & Access

Toll Rates 

The Mobility Authority will officially set the toll rate for SH 45SW just prior to the roadway's opening. Currently it is anticipated the toll will be around $1.00 for a full length trip. SH 45SW will feature all-electronic tolling; drivers will not see any toll booths. When SH 45SW opens drivers will be able to pay their tolls without stopping using any of the following electronic tags:

  • TxTag (Texas)
  • TollTag (Dallas)
  • EZ-Tag (Houston)
  • K-Tag (Kansas)
  • PikePass (Oklahoma)*
  • GeauxPass (Louisiana)*
  • PeachPass (Georgia)*
  • QuickPass (North Carolina)*
  • SunPass/E-Pass (Florida)*

Drivers will also be able to Pay by Mail (license plate is photographed and bill is mailed to address where vehicle is registered).

Toll rates are normally increased annually based on the rate of inflation.

* Efforts are underway to make all electronic tags in the southeast interoperable by 2018. Tag providers could be added to or removed from this list prior to the opening of SH 45SW.

SH 45SW Access

SH 45SW is a limited-access expressway. Entrances and exits to the facility will be provided at the following locations:

  • FM 1626
  • Bliss Spillar Road
  • State Loop 1 (MoPac)/SH 45 

SH 45SW and Trucks

With the exception of trucks carrying hazardous materials, large trucks will be permitted to use the expressway. SH 45SW is not expected to carry a significant amount of truck traffic based on the low volume of truck traffic that currently utilizes SH 45 and the southern portion of MoPac.

Why is SH 45SW going to be a toll road?

The federal and state gas tax is no longer sufficient to meet all the transportation needs of a rapidly growing area like Central Texas. The gas tax hasn't been adjusted for inflation since 1993; even as highway construction and maintenance costs have increased significantly. In addition, greater vehicle fuel efficiency has impacted gas tax revenue.  Between 2015 and 2024 the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) estimates that the local community will receive $2.5 billion in highway funding from federal and state sources.  For comparison sake, the cost to upgrade IH-35 through Hays, Travis and Williamson County is expected to cost as much as $4.5 billion.


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