What We're Building

SH 45SW is a four-lane toll road that is being built between State Loop 1 (MoPac) and FM 1626. To limit the impact to the surrounding environment, the expressway will not have frontage roads.

There will be two twelve-foot highway lanes in each direction with a ten-foot outside shoulder and a four- or five-foot inside shoulder with varying median widths.

The project includes a ten-foot-wide shared use path that will be compliant with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The path will be separated from the roadway for the entire length of the project, except over the Bear Creek Bridge.

The shared use path will serve as part of the future Violet Crown Trail and will have a trailhead under the bridge structure at the intersection of SH 45SW and MoPac.

To protect the extensive karst (cave) features in the area, 90 percent of the project will be built above ground level on fill dirt and will not require excavation.

Many other features are being implemented to protect the environment during and after construction. Click here to learn more.



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