Green Mobility Challenge

In July 2011, the Mobility Authority, in partnership with TxDOT, launched the Green Mobility Challenge, a sustainable design competition that challenged Texas' most creative landscape architects, planners and engineers to propose better ways of constructing, operating and maintaining future transportation projects. 

The Green Mobility Challenge provided many ideas that have been or will be incorporated including:


  • Align roadway to avoid impacts to Edwards Aquifer recharge features
  • Use a “Form Fitting Profile” that follows the existing terrain in order to minimize the amount of earthwork required for the project and avoid unnecessary impacts to Edwards Aquifer recharge features
  • Construct a bridge at Bear Creek that minimizes impacts to the creek
  • Use innovative intersection designs at MoPac and at FM 1626 to minimize the amount of impervious cover and ensure efficient operation of the intersection
  • Include a Shared Use Path along the project length and provide for connections to adjacent roadways and trail networks
  • Use all electronic tolling

Construction Materials:

  • Use recycled materials where feasible, including recycled asphalt pavement
  • Include Water Quality Best Management Practices to minimize impacts including:
    • Permeable Friction Course Asphalt
    • Vegetative Swales
    • Water Quality Ponds
  • Utilize all native plantings to minimize maintenance needs, enhance wildlife habitat and enhance aesthetics of the roadside
  • Incorporate Context Sensitive Solutions Elements, with input from the public
  • Minimize impacts to water quality by:
    • Phasing construction
    • Constructing water quality ponds where feasible

Using the map below, learn more about the Green Mobility Challenge features currently included in the design of SH 45SW.

Green Mobility


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