Construction Overview

Construction on SH 45SW officially began in November 2016 and is anticipated for completion in late 2019. Construction for the project is approximately $76 million. The project will have a phased construction process, working from FM 1626 to Bear Creek, Bear Creek to MoPac with interchange work at MoPac and FM 1626, respectively.

The project will include:

  • Widening of the existing eastbound and westbound SH 45 and northbound and southbound MoPac bridges over Danz Creek

  • Four direct connector bridges at the MoPac Interchange

  • Entrances and exits at FM 1626, Bliss Spillar Road, MoPac, and existing SH 45

  • Overpass at Bliss Spillar Road and a bridge over Bear Creek

To ensure the project is constructed using the highest standards in environmental protection, the Mobility Authority will be using a combination of structural and non-structural Best Management Practices (BMPs). These BMPs include:

  • Permeable Friction Course (PFC) pavement

  • Water quality ponds

  • Vegetated controls such as grassy swales

  • Vegetated filter strips

  • Hazardous materials traps located at all creeks, waterways, and culverted drainage ways

In addition, to protect the extensive karst features in the area, 90 percent of the project will be constructed on top of fill and will not require excavation. When SH 45SW construction is complete, it will offer immediate relief to drivers in Hays and southern Travis counties. Average peak travel time savings for drivers who use SH 45SW over local routes ranges from 9 to 17 minutes. Average peak travel time savings for drivers who continue to use various local routes ranges from 6 - 7 minutes.


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