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3/1/2019 - 4/12/2019

During the months of March and April 2019, the contractor will be finishing the final layer of asphalt pavement on SH 45SW as well as State Loop 1, Bliss Spillar Road and FM 1626. Final paving on SH 45SW will involve the installation of Permeable Friction Course, a special type of pavement that improves safety and helps improve water quality.

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Friction Course Pavement improves safety by minimizing puddles that can lead to hydroplaning, enhances visibility by reducing water spray from vehicles and offers a surface that allows vehicles to grip the road better. The pavement also provides an environmental benefit by capturing some contaminants that might otherwise flow into drainage systems and retention ponds.

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SH 45SW is an innovative environmentally sensitive four-lane toll road being constructed between State Loop 1 (MoPac) and FM 1626 that will include extensive water quality protection measures and bicycle and pedestrian facilities. Construction of the project commenced in November 2016 and the road is expected to open in April or May of 2019.

The SH 45SW toll road will offer drivers an alternative to congested neighborhood streets like Manchaca Road, Slaughter Lane and Brodie Lane. The new expressway will also help reduce congestion on those roads. Drivers who choose to use SH 45SW can expect to save 9 - 17 minutes over driving local routes to reach Central Austin. Drivers who continue to utilize local roads will save 6 - 7 minutes over current travel times.

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