Draft Environmental Impact Statement

On Friday, June 27, 2014, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (Mobility Authority) launched the public release of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the SH 45SW Environmental Study. The proposed project would construct a four-lane, limited access toll road. The project limits extend from State Loop 1 (MoPac) to Farm-to-Market Road (FM) 1626, a distance of approximately four miles.

The purpose of the proposed project is to improve system connectivity, local mobility, and travel times, while providing an efficient alternative route to congested local roadways in northern Hays and southern Travis Counties.

The social, economic, and environmental impacts of the project have been analyzed in the Draft EIS. The Draft EIS studies one build alternative and no build alternative and identifies the build alternative as the preferred alternative. The preferred alternative would consist of a limited access toll facility on new location and would include four 12-foot-wide lanes, 10-foot-wide outside shoulders, and four-foot-wide inside shoulders within a pre-existing state-owned right-of-way that varies between 300 and 600 feet. The preferred alternative includes a 10-foot-wide bicycle and pedestrian shared-use path along the entire length of the project. The preferred alternative would not require the acquisition of any additional right-of-way.

Although the Draft EIS identifies a preferred alternative, the final selection of the preferred alternative would occur only after a public comment period including a public hearing, consideration of comments, and evaluation of environmental effects.


Please note, due to large file sizes, download times on many of these items could vary. If you have any technical difficulty downloading the Draft EIS, please email us and select "general inquiry" or call the project hotline at 512-593-4202.

Executive Summary

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Purpose and Need for Action

Chapter 2: Alternatives

Chapter 3: Affected Environment & Environmental Consequences

Chapter 4: Indirect and Cumulative Impacts

Chapter 5: Identification of the Preferred Alternative

Chapter 6: Mitigation and Permitting

Chapter 7: Comments and Coordination

Chapter 8: References

Chapter 9: List of Abbreviations

Chapter 10: List of Preparers


Appendix A: Planning Documents

Appendix B: Typical Sections

Appendix C: Build Alternative Draft Schematic

Appendix D: Indirect Impacts Technical Report

Appendix E: Census Data

Appendix F: CAMPO Regional Toll Analysis (2013) and Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Toll Policy (2014)

Appendix G: Study Area Photographs

Appendix H: Water Quality and Aquatic Resource Protection Technical Report

Appendix I: Cumulative Impacts Technical Report

Appendix J: Waters of the U.S. Evaluation Technical Report

Appendix K: Agency Coordination

Appendix L: Public Meeting Summary Reports


SH 45SW DRAFT SCHEMATICS (full version):


  1. SH 45SW: 2014 Golden-cheeked Warbler Technical Report
  2. SH 45SW: Potential for Impacts to Endangered Eurycea Salamanders
  3. SH 45SW: Potential for Impacts to Rare and Endangered Karst Invertebrates
  4. SH 45SW: Site Specific Soil Investigations
  5. SH 45SW: Final Draft: Potential Effects of the Construction and Operation on the Ecological Integrity of Flint Ridge Cave

The Draft EIS was on display at the public hearing, held in July 2014. 

Paper copies of the Draft EIS and other information about the project may be requested from Texas Department of Transportation’s (TxDOT) District Office in Austin, TX.  Submit requests in writing to TxDOT – Austin District, Attention: Jon Geiselbrecht, P.O. Drawer 15426, Austin, TX 78761-5426, or by email at jon.geiselbrecht@txdot.gov.  Paper copies may be obtained at the requestor’s expense.

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