What's Happening Now

Record of Decision

On March 5, 2015, the Texas Department of Transportation issued a Record of Decision (ROD) which allowed the SH 45SW project to proceed to final design and construction, with specific commitments to protect the environment during construction and operation of the roadway.

Design Refinements

During final design, the Mobility Authority identified design changes that would benefit the project through reduced environmental impacts, improved operations, and/or increased safety. These design refinements were submitted in June 2015 to the Texas Department of Transportation’s Environmental Affairs Division (ENV); it was determined that an environmental reevaluation is required. A reevaluation is an assessment of any refinements made to either the project's design or the affected environment, and a determination of what effects these refinements might have on the validity of the environmental documentation.

In response, the design team will submit the required reevaluation documentation. ENV will then determine if the refinements under reevaluation can move forward. Ultimately, all design refinements are recommended to more efficiently meet environmental commitments and reduce the overall footprint of the project. Learn more about the design refinements.

Agency Roles

Mobility Authority logo The Mobility Authority will design, construct, operate and maintain SH 45SW.

TxDOT logoTxDOT was the lead agency in the development of the SH 45SW environmental study, including related environmental documentation and coordination of public outreach.

The Team

Mobility Authority logo Design, construct, operate and maintain SH 45SW

Rodriguez Transportation Group logo Design firm hired by Mobility Authority to develop final construction plans, details, and specifications under the oversight of the Mobility Authority

TxDOT logoProvide funding and right-of-way

Travis County Seal Provide funding, provide input and feedback as project partners

What's Next?

The process of refining the final design for the project is underway. Before construction begins, the Mobility Authority will "let" the project by releasing the plans and requesting bids. The bidding process allows the Mobility Authority to get the most competitive pricing on the project and allows multiple businesses to compete for the work.

Construction could begin in late 2016 and is anticipated to take approximately 2.5 years to complete.

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